Going MAD for GOD

Timothy Egan’s excellent, “imminently”  troubling, article on the sub-human subs, leaves you a bit madder really.  Having lived near that naval base in Washington it still gives me the creeps.  What he says about these cave-dwelling religious fanatics applies equally to our mega-church dwelling neanderthals. . .

But MAD makes less sense at a time when the enemies of civilization are cave-dwelling religious fanatics who target cartoonists and kill innocent children at soccer telecasts and think, if they die in nuclear Armageddon, a sexual reward awaits them in heaven.

“Run Silent, Run Deep, Run Obsolete” (NYT)


One thought on “Going MAD for GOD

  1. I quickly looked through your site and find it very compelling. I shall look forward to future posts and look back to past ones.

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