In Jefferson We Trust?

Here we go again (The Supreme Court and the Ten Commandments).

These folks who waste the court’s time fighting long spurious legal battles in their effort to “Take America Back” should be reminded over and over:  the continuing attempt to throw out the Constitution and replace it with the Bible, elect God as President and fill Congress with Christians so that Jesus can take his rightful place as The Real Founder of the Republic, will forever fail in a free, pluralistic, secular nation.  

Justice Souter has expressed it well: 

In that decision, Stone v. Graham, the court described the Commandments as “an instrument of religion.” Justice Souter said the First Amendment’s inclusion of the clause prohibiting the “establishment” of religion meant that “the government may not favor one religion over another, or religion over irreligion.”

For the “viral” nature of this movement to “put God back in Government,” see the South Carolina Law (!) scroll down to section 10-1-168 (note what must be displayed First (the 10 laws of god), the inclusion of the Lord’s Prayer (!) and the MLK speech comes in last—free at last, free at last?)


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