Can You Hear The Voice of God?

Rep. Bachmann has heard The Voice

I remember those days, when I thought we heard The Voice, and KNEW what The Great One thought and felt and wanted us to do.  Some of us even had the gift of “tongues” and “prophesy” and fell down trembling, orgasmically filled with the spirit of the universe.  Later The Voice said, “Go into all the world and make everyone an Evangelical Christian just like You!” so we took our message to the streets, the beaches, our schools and homes.  Then The Voice said, “I also speak through the Qur’an and the Vedas, the Tao and the Sutras; I’m bigger than one religion.”  Then The Voice said,  “It’s all about serving the poor and working for justice.”  And finally The Voice grew silent.  I kept listening, hoping.  Nothing but silence.  And then I knew, I understood:  The Voice was an echo from the past, the tyranny of tradition; then The Voice was my loving but dissatisfied Parent or a father-figure Mentor urging me to listen to my own honest truth; then The Voice was a chorus of voices singing the sound of the earth, beautiful but haunting, comforting but challenging; and then The Voice was simply, profoundly, merely me, My Voice, my reflection, my reason searching for the naturally good and right.  And now, when I hear a voice, especially of someone who says they are hearing The Voice, I smile or shrug, shake my head and wonder when they too will understand, and have the courage to say “I Think, I Choose. . .and. . .I really don’t know, I have much to Learn.  What does your voice say?”


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