The Sinking Ship and the Slumbering Giant

Presbyterians finally begin to “Reform” (?)

My comment on HuffPost:

This is good news. . .maybe. I am truly happy for my old friend Janie Spahr and others who have chosen to stay on the sinking ship while trying to bail out some of the old beliefs. This indeed is a “justice issue” and change is a good feeling, even when glacial (icebergial). Yet, as a former Presbyterian Minister who left the church in part because, as I told the assembly, the church is mentally ill, speaking only to itself, this looks like more evidence of the irrelevancy. Rather than leading, the church (and faith itself) follows, and perhaps it should, since its “Reformed” message reforms nothing and its call to worship a “Lord” with no resemblance to the Galilean, through mind-numbing ritual and theological sudoku, has no power or authority any longer. Sorry, but this “event” is a bit like rejoicing when a slumbering, self-absorbed giant briefly wakes up to scratch and smile, rolls over and goes back to snoring. And all this “progress” is but one huge, interminable wrestling match over dusty creeds and one ancient book. Two millennia and we still await the practice of basic compassion and restoring justice. . .at least some still wait, while the world moves on. A warning to those who feel the door is wide open to them: I wish you well as you squeeze in, but isn’t the air of freedom cleaner outside in the open light?

{I realize some of my old colleagues may take this as a bit harsh–not that they read my blogs–but I actually do welcome the news and wish them well.  I just can’t stop wondering why people fight so hard to get into a fortress that fights hard to keep people out.  A puzzlement.}


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