“I’m thankful to God that He protected us!”

A quote from a “survivor” of a rare tornado in Springfield, Mass.

Not an unfamiliar sentiment to hear these days, from victims of natural events.

And no one says a word about the terribly destructive side of faith this reveals for all to see and hear.

God protected you.  What about the others?  What about the neighbor crushed by a tree or the people in the neighboring town who lost their whole family or the thousands in Japan washed away by the tsunami?  What about them?  Why didn’t your God protect them?  Do you have more faith?  Or is it that your religion is better and more pleasing to God?

Odd how these natural disasters blow away the supernatural disasters of faith. . .again and again.

So, tell me again, how is your God active in the earthquake, the tsunami, the hurricane, the flood, the drought, the tornado?   Maybe “He” is teaching you another lesson, while others suffer?  Nice God.


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