My Response to “The Response”

Just posted on the Caucus Blog of the NYT. . .

“As a former Christian Minister I know exactly what these folks are doing and saying. My personal \”response\” would be to ask them (including Gov. Perry and others holding public office): What is your ultimate vision for America? If they answered honestly it would shock the socks off most folks. The goal of this brand of faith is simple: The Constitution would be changed to include references to God and Jesus; then the Constitution would be replaced by the Bible (the ultimate law); all public school students would be required to say prayers to the \”True God;\” all public meetings and congressional sessions would begin with prayer; crosses would appear over every city hall and the 10 commandments on every courtroom wall. . .In other words, the claim that America is a Christian Nation would finally be forcibly true. What should our \”response\” be to this goal? Not to silence these believers but to balance their fantastic dream with the reality of a pluralistic and secular society that needs to work together to find real solutions, prayer or no prayer.”


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