Many bade the world gude-night

“Now would ye sing this double flight, Some fell for wrong, and some for right,

But many bade the world gude-night. . .”

Robert Burns, The Battle of Sherramuir

(few words on this day, so best leave it to the poets and songwriters:  Sounds of Silence on 9/11/11)


One thought on “Many bade the world gude-night

  1. Thanks so much for Robert Burns’ words on September 11, in the context of a growing and thriving interfaith dialogue which everyone (!) can join if they wish.

    A friend gave me a copy of your book of meditations of John Muir some time ago, and I read the first few pages once again today and then found your blogs and photographs which I find quite moving and which inspired me to end my recent blog break.

    Not sure what I am. I’m not Buddhist, but I always liked what a Tibetan Buddhist teacher said when I asked her about Tibetan Buddhists and God/gods. She said, “There is no God, and there is no not-God.”

    Also like the idea that the letters g-o-d stand for “good open-hearted direction.”

    My temple is Yosemite Valley, which I almost visited on October 1, 2001, but had to stop at the gates on HIghway 120 and turn around because my old friend was feeling too ill to go as far as he had planned to go.

    On October 1, 2008, I finally passed through the Yosemite gates on Highway 120, on my way to visit my old friend’s grave at the San Joaquin National Cemetery in Santa Nella, California. My old friend, on his return from Vietnam in 1970, introduced me to the writings of John Muir. A lasting gift from a beloved friend.

    Kind wishes,

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