Big Mountain Jesus

This story in the NYT is priceless.

Well, actually, it’s another expensive battle brought on by the memorial, cross and statue defenders of our nation (you know, those who feel they have to defend God and God’s furniture because, we assume, God is really bothered by these things but God is unfortunately not Big Enough to handle the defense on His/Her own. . .you know).

How many times do we have to ask these super-patriot, righteous-defender folks:  Well, let’s see, IF you allow that Star of David alongside the Big J. . .and IF you also allow a Buddhist Wheel, Muslim Crescent, Wiccan Pentacle, Atheist (torch of reason?) and all other American religious symbols of our fighting soldiers. . .THEN maybe, just maybe, we’ll consider your TAKE OVER of public lands owned by ALL taxpayers.

(Well, we know by then you’ll probably say one of two things:  “THIS COUNTRY was founded by ChrisChans!” or, “Umm, hey guys, let’s move the Snowy J-Man over to the church and claim the ANTI-GOD people MADE us do it!”)




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