Dawkins’ Doubts

Some in the media love to find some “slip” or such in the millions of words spoken or written by famous people (HuffPost). Kind of a sport.  If the biologist Richard Dawkins had been asked whether he “knows with 100% certainty” there is no unicorn or tooth fairy or santa claus or leprechaun or bigfoot or alien visits or other fiction, he may have answered the same.  Maybe that would be honest. . .though somewhat tongue firmly in cheek.

I’ll go on record saying there is “most probably” no Star Trek spaceship out there travelling the galaxies, even though there are many entertaining episodes that tell the stories of such a ship (and many names and images of the crew, and for the ship including Enterprise and Voyager).  And, by the way, I would really like to believe there is!

I will also say there is a very high chance the odd creatures named above do not exist. . .but don’t ask ME to prove it.  If You believe in one or all of them, or in any God or Goddess or Supernatural realm. . . that’s Your job (and there’s a very high probability you will not be able to produce any more evidence of those things than you could for fairy dust).

Gee, does that mean I have “doubts”?  Well, maybe I don’t know everything.  Oh, that’s truthful, isn’t it?  See, you caught me!


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