Pastor Tells the Truth on Easter!

How refreshing, in an odd way, that a local pastor writes an article published in the local paper on Easter Sunday that is so honest and truthful (though I’m not sure he realizes how honest).  I can hear lots of Amens from the congregation and many Christians around the city, the county, the country and the globe.  The only problem is. . .well, what he says. . .

After assuring us that Easter “is all about” what happens after we die, he reminds us that “Easter is the heart of Christian faith.”  OK.  We get that; pretty obvious.  Then comes this amazing paragraph:

“Understanding the Easter message is not easy, nor is it arrived at by common sense.  It is trust against the evidence, risk in the face of the odds. . . .”

Wow.  I had to read that over a few times to believe. . .to believe my eyes!

Not sure I’ve heard the “heart of Christianity” articulated so concisely and clearly.

The heart of this Easter message is indeed a wonder and I might fall to my knees to Praise Nature!

This old (long ago) Evangelical heart is aflutter and full of thanks on this Easter Morning!

The heart of this (fresh and new) Heretic is filled with happiness that this one pastor has affirmed what some of us have been saying for a very long time:

Faith is not about common sense, or evidence, or the odds.

And don’t forget:  Christianity begins with an Execution and arose from a Cemetery. . .which should tell us a great deal where this is going. . .

So, everyone, have a Very Happy Easter Day. . .I know I will, walking in the sunlight of reason with the resurrection of joyful common sense!




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