Why I’m Not an “Atheist”

I’m NOT a Republican. . .I’m NOT a member of the NRA. . .I’m NOT a Finlander. . .

What’s the purpose of continually identifying with a Negative, with what I am NOT?

Speaking at a Secular Students Alliance event recently, a professor said I was an Atheist.

I responded that I am a Freethinking lover of Nature but “I’m not sure what to call myself.”

In my speech I said I like the word “Secular” because it merely means “this present world”

and I wouldn’t be qualified to speak of any other world.

Do I believe in a Supreme Supernatural Being?  No, as a matter of fact.

Does that make me a “NOT Theist”?  Yes.

Am I not an Atheist?  Well, I couldn’t say I’m a NOT NOT THEIST!

I simply know that I see no reason to call myself an “I’m NOT one of THOSE.”

How does that do any good or improve the world?


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