Virgin Mary Meets White Bison Calf Woman


I am not against people seeking “meaning” and “peace” and “comfort” and “something greater” and a “connection” in their lives. . .that seems human, reasonable, fair and justified.  I understand the need.  Two stories in the news today intersect, I think, at this insatiable human desire to “experience the sacred,” to “be close to God” and to see something, anything, that gives their faith something to hold onto, that gives their faith an address (“there’s my God; you can see him/her too, if you only Go, and See, and have Faith”).

CNN Video. . .Bleeding Mary (yes, again.  poor lady; this god sure loves blood)

NYT Article. . .White Bison Calf born in Connecticut (beautiful creature; people long for a symbol, a sign, anything that says: “the Great Spirit is still up here”)

It’s fascinating that both these images (Mary and the White Buffalo/Bison Calf Woman) are White, Female and appear from time to time, drawing crowds of believers along with the curious.  Both appear with very earthly “signs”:  blood from one; colored, that is, un-colored, fur from the other.  Both are incarnations, in a sense, of a Spirit looking down with love and compassion.  When they “appear” they are truly “present” for the faithful.

As I say, I’m not against those who need these “sacred signs,” who need some reassurance that their faith means something.  All I will say is that if the blood of a virgin or the birth of a little bison is what people need, and they travel for miles to show their devotion, I find this immensely sad, ignorantly foolish, and it makes me angry at those who exploit these natural events with (yes, obvious) natural explanations, racing off to the fantasy of the super-natural, distracting people from the wonderful powers of Nature and the natural world.  Such a shame, a sham, a waste, a destructive distraction from what is truly beautiful and good and full of wonder. Here’s why:  Because Nature will always be more wonderful and meaningful and “sacred” than any “miracle” humans can imagine.

I will still put Nature up against any God or Miracle any time, any day.  No contest.  Nature is Greater (Nature Akbar!).  One could truthfully say, “My Nature (because it isn’t mine or anyone’s) is Bigger, Greater, more Wonderful and Beautiful, than Your God/Goddess.”  If we had to say anything.  Simply a bit of reading in Muir, Thoreau, Janine Benyus, E.O. Wilson, John Burroughs can open our eyes. . .or better yet, a quiet walk in the woods, or by the sea, or on a mountainside, will be “revelation” enough that Nature is Greater and needs no miracle (as Whitman said, I see nothing BUT miracles!).

(by the way, lest you think I “worship” Nature. . .I do not; the Cosmos is simply more wonderful and spectacular than any invented images we may desire or devise)

Oh Oh.  This Just In. . .Breaking News. . .On the Same Day. . .Mary Carves Herself into a Tree!  Huff Post


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