Global Brain Warming

Some people, even scientists, need a little extra help with the light switch (or a good, compassionate slap) now and then to awaken them from deep dreaming delusional sleep.

Global Warming skeptic changes his mind (BBC)

So delightful when someone has a Conversion Experience to Reason and Reality and Facts

“Their eyes were opened and they recognized [the Truth].”

Do we have all the answers?  No, not even close.  But I’d rather go with the best research and even the best guesses of our best minds, than to buy into the tempest in a tea party tantrums of those who just like to hear themselves say NO! over and over in the face of Nature’s distress.

Oh, and just for the sake of argument, let’s say humans play No Part in the warming up of the little spinning rock in space.  So. . .what DO we do about climatic changes?  Some would say, sit back and wait for a cooler place, like Heaven.  Now there’s a solution!  Or, what?  Move to higher ground. . .turn up the air conditioner. . .  Really, what do these people actually DO about Nature’s distress and human distress?  What do the scoffers and skeptics say?  I see a whole lot of nothing out there.  I hear a lot of SILENCE out there.


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