Christians Who Lie. . .and Darwin’s Eye

A guy who calls himself “John 14:6” (you know, Jesus is the “way, truth and life” stuff—the oldy moldy heart of evangelicalism) leaves a comment on CNN My Faith article that I just had to reply to.

He said:

Charles Darwin said,

“To suppose that the eye, with all its inimitable contrivances for adjusting the focus to different distances, for admitting different amounts of light, and for the correction of spherical and chromatic aberration, could have been formed by natural selection, seems, I freely confess, absurd in the highest possible degree.” (The Origin of Species, Chapter 6).

If man cannot begin to make a human eye, how could anyone in his right mind think that eyes formed by mere chance? In fact, man cannot make anything from nothing. We don’t know how to do it. We can re-create, reform, develop . . . but we cannot create even one grain of sand from nothing. Yet, the eye is only a small part of the most sophisticated part of creation-the human body.

I replied:

Your “reasoning” and that of the author need some evolution. Your name and comment make it clear that you cherry pick what you want from whatever book you choose. In that same chapter (if you were truthful and cared), Darwin (who believed in Providence by the way) said, “If it could be demonstrated that any complex organ existed, which could not possibly have been formed by numerous, successive, slight modifications, my theory would absolutely break down. But I can find out no such case.” The difference between Darwin and the author and you is that Darwin was an honest follower of truth (science was his way, his truth, his life). You and the reverend may “truly need what little children need,” but those of us who are honestly seeking truth through exploration and evidence will continue on the path of reason to bring you your cellphone, internet, spaceflight and cup of joe.

As you can see, this Bible Brain’s idea of following “His Truth” doesn’t connect well with the real world where “truth” needs to be investigated and researched, and where ethics has something to do with being honest and truthful (maybe he should read something other than one verse of the bible, and a lot more Darwin. . .but we know he won’t. . .or can’t).

Take a close look at how these Christians attack Reason (against the straw “Atheist”): take note, this is the Brain on The Bible (under, way under, the influence).

One good result of this “exchange”:  I got to go back and read my copy of The Origin of Species.

Goes well with what I’m currently reading:  The Age of Wonder by Richard Holmes.


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