M.R. P.R. Show


You won’t find much Politics on these pages (though Politicology and Theology are mixed together in a strange stew these days),

but Beyond God is forming a Super-Pac (oh, sorry, that’s a Pants on Fire lie!). . .

No, today I’m simply calling attention to a couple of things people may find helpful in this Season of Un-Reason (campaigning to “win” the White House):

1)  With all the reckless and ridiculous rhetoric thrown around out there, it’s always a good practice to take a look on FACTCHECK and POLITIFACT on a daily basis.  Plus, just read a number of NEWS SOURCES from different points of view (and different parts of the world). . .what’s the harm?  No need to fear different perspectives.  And for Beyond God’s Sake. . .it ain’t all about America (US) anyway!  (whoops, just lost the super-patriotic, self-righteous, screw-the-facts folks here)

Keep in mind:  No Party or Politician is Right all the time (I’m almost as critical of the Left as the Right. . .almost. . .there’s just so much weirdness on the Right, especially when it’s the Religious Right)

2)  You heard it here on Beyond God first!  The Mitt Romney (M.R.) and Paul Ryan (P.R.) Show. . .M.R. P.R. . . .get it?

Alright, that’s enough for today kids. . .

Just VOTE ok?


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