Fighting for (Their) Freedom

Some Christians seem to be without a conscience, which doesn’t say much for their parents, or their God.

One would think that people who “represent America,” whether they be politicians or “service” members, would not be speaking out or fighting for Their God and Their Opinion above all the rest of us.

The Air Force has allowed a Christian Culture to take the pilot seat (Salvation Air Force?), but after a great deal of exposure, things are apparently changing.

Here’s the latest instruction (NBC News):

Section 2.11 of the 27-page Air Force Instruction AFI 1-1 Standards of Conduct is the latest salvo in a battle over religious bias and Christian proselytizing in the military branch. It calls on officers and supervisors to “avoid the actual or apparent use of their position to promote their personal religious beliefs to their subordinates or to extend preferential treatment for any religion.”

How bad has it gotten in this “service”?:

The conflicts have arisen over military leadership promoting Christian religious meetings through official channels, military courses incorporating Biblical material in coursework, officers trying to convert non-Christians and allegedly favoring “born again” Christians and using Christian doctrine and imagery in logos and official military materials and Christian prayer in official events.

The military has been sued for using Christian doctrine to recruit new members, and pressured to change logos and review course materials that incorporate Christian doctrine, and more recently, those that are anti-Islam.

In 2006, after complaints by non-Christians that they were being pressured by evangelicals to convert, the Air Force issued guidelines cautioning superiors from pressing their personal religious views on subordinates. But months later they eased the guidelines after Christian conservatives argued that the guidelines restricted freedom of religion.

Those who serve America, like those who lead, should be smarter, wiser and have a clear understanding of what “freedom” means.  What are they “defending” anyway?  If it’s their “Christian Nation” they’re in the wrong (and deadly) business.  Freedom does not mean, nor has it ever meant, the freedom to take freedoms away from others or disrespect other’s opinions, faith or free-thinking.  Defending a free and secular country that includes millions with faith and millions without faith is the job of all in the military.

Let’s hope this new directive makes a difference, and “serves to educate” those Christians who serve only themselves and their arrogant, self-righteous faith.  Serving America is NOT the same as serving your God.  Go preach if you want.  But the military is not your own private mission field.


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