Prayin’ over Pigskin in Georgia

Yes, I read and watch some FOX.  The Wiley Coyote Channel is a good balance to. . .well, um, balanced news.

Here’s one example, about a High School in Georgia and their response when told they couldn’t have school sponsored prayers before football games (ever heard of THIS happening anywhere in God’s Christian Merica?!).

Doesn’t exactly look like it “split the town.”  Looks like it unified the believers.  Halle-gridiron-lujah!

Seriously, this is sad, and can make me mad.  The young student says, “I just don’t understand why they’re doing this.”  Education Time!  American history, civics and social justice time.  Sorry, prayer warriors, back to school.

And the ones who should be supporting the teachers, who have the job of instructing the next generation, are out saying things like,
“Everybody has their rights, but so do I, and it’s not right for one person to say that I can’t pray,” Connie Locklear who helped organize the pro-prayer t-shirts, told the website.

Yep.  Sure.  Wink, wink.  We’re ALL saying, the courts are saying, the government is saying, the Constitution is saying:  “You Can’t Pray!”  NO, you can’t.  And we threw God out of schools too!   And we told your kids they can’t read the Bible.  And Atheists are taking over. . .and Jesus can’t be President.  And. . . there’s no santa claus or easter bunny.  So there!  Now you know.

Come on, folks.  Let’s be serious.  Nah, just go pray and SMASH the other team.  God’s on YOUR side. . .you WIN!

And, um, pardon me, but, What happens when Da Muslims, Da Hindus, Da Witches, Da Anyone Elses, show up to Pray at the Game?

You’ll BOO Them, right?  Oh, that’s it!  It’s a GAME!  Now we understand.  This is competition, and who prays the most and loudest and proudest WINS!

And, about the student’s honest question, “Why are they doing this?”. . .

Fox?  Hello, Fox?  Professor Fox?


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