Killing Things For God



As we are about to enter that wonderful time of year when the annual Slaughter for the Sacred revs up to high gear, when I wish I could warn the turkeys and chickens, pigs and cows that the Believers with Blades and Bullets are coming their way, when I would protect all those forests from being Cut down for Christ—the Falling Forests for Faith (Christmas Trees, Crosses, Nativity scenes and of course, endless paper for Bibles, wrapping paper, packages, etc, etc, and more lumber for Church buildings, etc, etc.). . .

NOW we have the skinning of LEOPARDS for the Love of God (CNN)


NOW we have the Execution of the ELEPHANTS for the Elect of God (National Geographic)

Isn’t FAITH a wonderful Gift to the Creatures of Earth?!

Regarding the National Geographic cover story on the Killing of 25,000 Elephants THIS YEAR (pause and read this line again):

“When it became clear to [author, Bryan] Christy that religion plays a significant part in the story of illegal ivory, his reporting shifted from what he’d initially anticipated: identifying ivory kingpins and crime syndicates and following the trail of illegal ivory. His geographical focus shifted accordingly, away from Africa and toward consumer countries, such as the Philippines, where religious uses of ivory are deeply entrenched in the culture. Overall, multiple reporting trips took him to Tanzania, Kenya, the Philippines, Thailand, Italy, Vatican City, England, China, Qatar, and Geneva, Switzerland.”

IF you are a person of faith, are you speaking out against this?  Please look closely at your religious icons and the furniture of faith, your books of belief, your “holy days,” your “feasts.”  Have you ever asked yourself how many had to die for you to practice your religion, for you to please your God?  Do you think about the Martyrs that include leopards and elephants, birds and forests? Do you honor them or reverence them too?

Please ask these questions and give some thought and meditation and prayer to the innocent living things (including humans) who are giving their lives, even this day, for billions to believe.

{Who would question or defend the past and current Bloody History of Religion?  And, just for added emphasis, today is the 150th anniversary of the Bloodiest Battle in U.S. History:  Antietam (NPR). . .23,000 dead or wounded. . .and we know how much Faith was a main Factor in that Carnage we call the American Civil War.

Let’s honor them today as well.  And work together to end the madness of fanatical faith and blind belief that brings nothing but a Mission of Death as they Kill anything and everything for God.


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