Secular not Spiritual

Allan Miller (“I’m Spiritual but not religious is a Cop Out,” CNN)  criticizes the old Spiritual/Religious banter (we whined about this back in the 70’s, but I guess it still bothers people).

My comment:

“Living in the (Old) Capital of New Age Spirituality (SF Bay Area), I get the point. Those of us who were Evangelicals in the 70’s complained about this, but we really didn’t like to take either side. Why should we? God was on OUR side! This article has a bit of FOX firestarter “news” to it. One response might be: Maybe people need New Choices. . .which are, of course, Old Choices. . .move from Religion to Spiritual, then, continue the process and move from Spiritual to Secular. As Muir, Burroughs and others said long ago, why add a Super to the Natural? Nature is pretty super all by itself.”


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