D’Souza Ya Lose-a

Oh, come on.  This is supposed to surprise us?

“NEW YORK — A conservative scholar behind a high-grossing documentary that condemns President Barack Obama is under investigation by the evangelical college he leads over a report he took a woman who is not his wife to an event on Christian values.

The King’s College board announced the review on Tuesday, the day the conservative Christian newsmagazine WORLD reported event organizers had confronted Dinesh D’Souza about sharing a hotel room with a woman he introduced as his fiancee. D’Souza filed for divorce from his wife, Dixie D’Souza, a few days after the conference, California court records show.

The event, Truth for a New Generation, was held the weekend of Sept. 28 in South Carolina.”

I love that event title. . .

And, excuse me, one more thing:  I’ve been noticing that Holy Hypocrites are showing up more in the news.  Gotya journalism. . .sure.  And maybe more and more Holy Hypocrites emboldened by our “who really cares about facts or truth anyway?” culture?  Maybe.

And, oh, just one more thing:  why is it that when I turn to THE conservative fair and balanced “News” source for huge numbers of conservatives, we see story after story and photo after photo about SEX and BREASTS and Women in REVEALING clothes?  How “revealing” is that?  I guess a FOX will always be consumed by the most FOXY things.  Kind of titillating, isn’t it?

UPDATE:  My how they fall. . .these “heroes of faith”

UPDATE2:  Scandal hints at decline of denominations (NYT)


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