Creating God

Time and again, we turn and return to the wisdom of Naturalist John Burroughs (Beyond God. . .Back to Burroughs):

From his chapter titled “God and Nature” in his ever-enlightening The Light of Day (1904):

“[Humanity] is, and always has been, a maker of gods.  It has been the most serious and significant occupation of our sojourn in the world.  Nearly every race and people have tried their hand at making a god of some kind around which their religious aspirations and superstitions could cluster, and on all occasions have found the material for their deities near at hand.

As [Humanity] arrives at consciousness, we soon recognize a Power greater than ourselves, over which we have no control, and of which we are either an object of sport or solicitude.  This power is what we call Nature, the nearest and greatest fact of all.  This is the mountain of which, or some fragment of which, all peoples have carved their gods, giving them the form and likeness of such ideal as they were capable of. . . .

[Humanity] projected its own ideal into the universe and worshiped that. . . .

We must recognize only Nature, the All; call it God if we will, but divest it of all anthropological conceptions.  Nature we know; we are of it; we are in it. . . .  This is all the God we can know, and this we cannot help but know.”

And so, a little more light for Our Day, from the Sage of Slabsides on the Hudson, John Burroughs.


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