Proof of Heaven

Happy Halloween!

Speaking of scary and spooky and silly things. . .

Well, another sure-to-be-bestseller that “proves” Heaven is Real! (Daily Beast/Newsweek. . .or something).

And written by a DOCTOR!  OMG, we KNOW it HAS to be TRUE!

If you believed it before, you’re sure to Really Believe it Now!

If you don’t believe in Heaven, just wait for the Sequel:  HELL is REAL! (subtitle:  I went there and I KNOW it’s TRUE. . .just BELIEVE me!).

Here’s my posted comment:

“No one could ever disprove this story.  That, of course, doesn’t make it “true” or “real.” A few questions:  If he had been raised Buddhist or Hindu or Pagan or Atheist, would he have “seen” the same things?  Second, I wonder why some want to believe people “talk with God” on mountaintops (Moses, Jesus), in caves (Muhammad), in New York fields (Joseph Smith), in the wilderness of their own minds (most gurus and “spiritual teachers”), etc.  and then, simply choose to believe it’s “true and real”?  (I could claim to be whisked away to Santa’s workshop to meet the elves and talking reindeer. . .could you prove that wasn’t “real”?  Why wouldn’t you believe me?  It changed my life!  See my bestseller!

The doctor says he is a scientist.  He needs to learn the scientific method.  I’m not sure why so many are so desperate to “prove” their experience is “true” and “real” and that it is definitely their God who is speaking to them.  This sells books (in gullible America), but does not prove the “reality” of anything.”

And almost forgot to ask you all to enlighten me:  How do books like this (and the wildly popular book by the little believer boy who went to heaven) get listed as “NON-FICTION”?  Help me out here.  I’m dumbfounded and found dumb!


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