More Proof of Heaven (Part 4)

Hurray!  Now Oprah is bellowing the praises of Dr. Alexander’s proof-text manual and travel guide through heaven!

“I just talked to a man who saw God,” Oprah says.

Wait!  Oprah!  Over here!  I’ve seen God too, and Heaven, Hell, the Hobbit Shire, Narnia, Santa’s Workshop and the Tooth Fairy’s Dental Wonderland!  Interview ME!  I’m sure you’ll find some of my beliefs to sell. . .I mean, promote. . .I mean, give your Amen Blessing to!  Oh, Oprah, please bring me on your show and tell the world “I just talked to Chris who saw Bigfoot disguised as Darth Vader’s Avatar!  And, please, Oprah, don’t forget to mention my Books!  May you be richly, richly blessed!


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