Jesus Hangs at School

My Comment on Huffpost  on this “news” about Jesus hanging around Jackson Middle School in Ohio:

“As a former christian minister, I have no problem with the old, very realistic, photograph of god in human form. He looks just as I imagined him and I would hope the school shows the authentic version of the film King of Kings with Jesus looking exactly like [Jeffrey] Hunter. Then, as a former substitute teacher, I would support the installation of more portraits of the American God (Jesus), perhaps in a red, white and blue robe with stars for a crown, as well as all other Gods throughout history. . .you know, for History class? Then we could all contribute to putting religious signs and symbols on all public schools and teach religion and prayer (to all gods) every day. . .which would, eliminate the need for churches, mosques, synagogues and all the rest. As Andy Rooney used to say, “I’d like to see that.” “

Oh, and here he is. . .In Person!  Welcome Jesus, to Beyond God!

Jesus-the real one!


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