The G-NOPE Nasty Newcomer. . .Lessons for the Nasty Religious

Ted Cruz, the GOP’s Nasty Newcomer (Frank Bruni-NYT)

I found these parallels to Religion Gone Bad insightful:

“he’s already known for his naysaying, his nit-picking and his itch to upbraid”

“Grandstanding and browbeating”

“[his faithful] who look to him and see any kind of savior overlook much of what drags the party down”

“[his party] accommodates too much quackery, belligerence and misplaced moralism to play a fully credible part in a vital, essential debate. . .”

“a bastion of regressive social ideas and foul tempers”

“arrogant, sour and self-serving”

“an affinity for opposing, a yen for obstructing”

The article ends with this challenge to the Nope Party and the Nonsense Party of Religion:

“Indeed, the challenge for Republicans [and Nasty Believers] now. . . — is to be seen and to act as a constructive force, as a party [faith] that’s for things, that wants to be inclusive and that operates with a generosity of spirit, not an overflow of spite.”

Might be good for the nice-and-not-so-nasty-believers to take note. . .and speak out more. . .


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