God Sends Rain. . .and Drought. . .and Tornadoes too!

Thomas Friedman is in Syria, another disaster called a country, torn to pieces by Religion–and stupid, greedy Politics—- (“Without Water, Revolution”) and writes:

“The drought did not cause Syria’s civil war,” said the Syrian economist Samir Aita, but, he added, the failure of the government to respond to the drought played a huge role in fueling the uprising.”

And who caused the drought?

“She and her husband “used to own farmland,” said Faten. “We tended annual crops. We had wheat, barley and everyday food — vegetables, cucumbers, anything we could plant instead of buying in the market. Thank God there were rains, and the harvests were very good before. And then suddenly, the drought happened.”

What did it look like? “To see the land made us very sad,” she said. “The land became like a desert, like salt.” Everything turned yellow.”

“Faten, her head conservatively covered in a black scarf, said the drought and the government’s total lack of response radicalized her. So when the first spark of revolutionary protest was ignited in the small southern Syrian town of Dara’a, in March 2011, Faten and other drought refugees couldn’t wait to sign on. “Since the first cry of ‘Allahu akbar,’ we all joined the revolution. Right away.” Was this about the drought? “Of course,” she said, “the drought and unemployment were important in pushing people toward revolution.”

But wait!  ALLAH brought the rain AND the drought!?

“We could accept the drought because it was from Allah,” said Abu Khalil, “but we could not accept that the government would do nothing.”

This is The Confusion we call Faith.  God brings the rain. . .the crops grow. . .we have water. . .Praise Allah!  Then, God brings (or “allows”) a drought. . .the crops die. . .we don’t have water. . .people die. . .Praise Allah?  NO.  Pick up Guns and fight the Government!  Revolution!  Then, praise God for the Revolution!. . .except if WE don’t win. . .because that wouldn’t be the Will of Allah!


No, I don’t either.

But, that’s Faith.


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