Thank the Lord I’m an Atheist!

Wolfman Blitzer (CNN) sure got a lesson from this Tornado Survivor. . .

Thank the Lord!

Don’t you just  love the arrogant assumptions of the proudly faithful?

And, please people, can someone decide once and for all if God Kills Some and Not Others?

One family emerges from their storm shelter, camera rolling, and says “The Lord giveth and the Lord taketh away.”

Another thanks God for protecting them, saving their child from the tornado.

While others, many children, have died.

God’s ways are mysterious, aren’t they?  The mystery of Why God Taketh Away so many. . .and leaves, we guess, His Most Special and Favorite Faithful.  Thank the Lord!  Such a mystery!

This pastor has another view. . .which I appreciate to a point. . .but still “placebos and platitudes” (“Keep Bad Theology out of Oklahoma”).

Ameri-Christianity is such a Tornado isn’t it?  An unnatural disaster.  So much destruction in its path. . .


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