Faith and Reason

Two reasonable people of faith. . .yet, what was their alternative?

Two reasonable (and delightful) people of faith.  Yet, what was their alternative choice?

This article on NPR (“Can Faith Be Rational?”) presents some interesting points to consider and a respectable invitation for people of faith and nofaith to find common ground.  Here is the comment I offered:

“Being charitable and finding common ground is an admirable invitation. However, as someone who devoted a large part of my life to faith before becoming a freethinker, I think most of this appeal rings hollow and somewhat mute. Yes, there are rational people who choose to believe, yet the real issue is that these choices are not made from “viable alternatives.” For most of us in American culture, we are presented with very few choices in matters of religion and faith. When there is One Book, One Religion, One God and basically One Acceptable Set of Beliefs presented, where is the Real Choice? To be rational, reasonable, wise, a person ought to consider real alternatives before making such a momentous decision to believe One among Many. And one viable, reasonable alternative is to choose freethinking rather than faith.”


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