In (blank) We Trust. . .or Not

In God We Trust

I find this continuing, perhaps increasing, debate/discussion intriguing since I always want to ask the Motto Militias and Pledge Patriots:  “WHOSE GOD are we stamping on everything?. . .Oh, YOURS?!”

Atheists and In God We Trust

And to move along this line of questioning:

Could you imagine, just for about 17 seconds, if we printed “In Allah We Trust” or “In Buddha We Trust” or “In Goddess We Trust” or “In Science We Trust” or “In Atheism We Trust”?  How would you feel?  Supportive?

And what if it was REMOVED?  Would your faith fall apart?  Would America?  Would God move out of America, changing His/Her residence to say, Finland?  Would we no longer be the most “blessed” nation in the history of the universe?

And what does “trust” mean anyway?  Believing correctly in one Religion and one God above all others?  Whoops!  Maybe you forgot which country you live in.  America has “freedom of religion” NOT freedom to choose only One Religion and only One God.  If we had THAT here, in a free nation, would there BE freedom?

I get it.  I really do.  Those who oppose any change, who yell and scream that these slogans are sacred and anyone messing with them is UN-American and ANTI-anything-the-righteous-majority-wants.  I get that.  And that is my last point:  Those who resist the most live in FEAR of two things:

1)  FEAR of losing the Christian Dominance in America

2)  FEAR of losing the chance to Build a Christian Nation, World, Universe

Think Heaven on Earth. . .think America, the “Shining Light on a Hill”. . .think Jesus for President and the Bible for the Constitution.  Think. . .the End of Thinking.

How about just Think?


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