The Madness of God

Angry JC

God is Mad.  Students of biblical religion know this.  Judgement, smiting, plagues, lakes of fire, nailing up one’s child to show how much You love the world. . .it’s all there to prove:  God is MAD.

Ok, I Believe You.  You’ve proved your point.  The Creator of the Universe is more than agitated. . .He/She is Transgender. . .oh, sorry, I mean. . .God is really Pissed and Angry and just plain Mad.  I get you.  Thanks for sharing.

But here I mean “God is Mad” as in Lost His/Her Marbles, gone Wacky and Crazy and, respectfully speaking:  God is Mentally Ill.

When I left the Church (goodbye Sunday Church; goodbye Preaching; goodbye Bible-Brain; goodbye Christian Ordination after all those years of “Holy Education”). . .I said, “The Church is mentally ill, speaking only with itself.”  I have nothing against those who suffer with mental illness (in fact, I’ve devoted a great deal of my life to assisting these folks).  However, when it’s the Great Lord God Almighty Creator of the Whole Damn Universe who is suffering with mental illness. . .Houston, we have a Major Problem.

Here’s one current (admittedly dramatic, extreme) example:

50 Students shot in their sleep (Nigeria)

This comes just shortly after a whole bloody bunch of bombings and shootings such as the

Mall massacre (Kenya)

Now, listen, I’m not going to pick on “Islamists” above any other kinds of “Extremists” or “Christianists” or just plain Murderists.

Killing in the Name of God is as old as. . .well, God!

But this is madness. . .and One Conclusion we can arrive at with all this is maybe, now just consider this. . .

God is Great. . .Greatly Mad.

The best evidence we have is, dare I say it?, Faith, Religion, “God’s People.”

I wonder:  maybe one reason billions feel they need to endlessly whisper and shout and sing Praise and Thanks and Glory, Glory, Glory to God is that God really needs it. . .S/He’s the One who needs the assurance, the encouragement, the show of confidence, the uplifting?  Just asking.

Now, what do we DO about a God who Suffers from Severe Mental Illness?

We have the Diagnosis, the Prognosis is unclear. . .

Is there a Cure?

(Beyond the Madness. . .Beyond God)


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