Narendra Dabholkar

Narendra Dabholkar

Narendra Dabholkar

A Freethinker assassinated in India because he faced Religion with Reason (Economist)

“In village after village he and his activists would confront the babas, sadhus and other “godmen” who preyed on the poor and simple, challenging their claims and reporting them to the police. He investigated and demystified cases of black magic and possession by ghosts; he campaigned against animal sacrifice, the prodigious waste of drinking water and good food during religious festivities, and the pollution of local rivers during Ganesha’s birthday festival by the immersion of thousands of idols made of plaster of Paris.”

“He placed his hopes in the young, whose company he delighted in, and set up flourishing teacher-training programmes to encourage rational thinking in the schools.”

If there was a Narendra Dabholkar Society, I would join and contribute.

Here is the organisation he founded:  Committee for the Eradication of Blind Faith

(I wish peace and safety for those who carry on the valuable work of this remarkable human being)


Americans, does the following statement, by a colleague of Mr. Dabholkar, sound familiar in our currrent faith-based politics?

“Apart from these upholders of politics in the name of Hindu [or Christian] religion other conservatives were also against the activities carried out by his organization. Faith is a complicated phenomenon, true it is needed by a section of society. Faith in supernatural power, faith in institution built around the names of prophets and individuals operating in the name of some religion or God have to some extent provided an emotional support to many in this cruel World with gross deprivations and inequalities. Recognizing this weakness of humans many a religio-entrepreneurs have systematically converted the faith into blind faith, a series of rituals, acts, which are deliberately used to exploit the gullible.”

“We seem to have liked the benefits of technology and have been undermining the scientific way of thought and practice, more so after the politics-nationalism has started wearing the cloak of religion.”

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