To God and the Queen

Scout Pledge in Britain

I was a scout when I was a young boy.  I can remember the pledge.  If it’s about teaching honor and respect and values, why not?  And why not without saying “God”?  What does that prove?


And I’ve always wondered:  Why do so many “defenders of God” get so worked up about the WORDS rather than the ACTIONS?  Maybe because living by honorable values has nothing to do with beliefs or religion?  Which God are you pledging to anyway?  Oh, I guessed again:  YOUR God.

Let’s keep sectarian faith out of schools, government and the scouts.  Faith has had its day.  Could we just raise kids to think for themselves?  Maybe when they get older, after learning something about honor and respect and cooperation with others, they may choose a faith.  Or they may not.  Who knows, they may choose to live in Britain or America or somewhere else.   That’s what “scouting” our world is about, isn’t it?


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