All Saints Day

These “Saints” can come marching along anytime as far as I’m concerned.

The “Secular Saints” (when “saint” means greatly honored and respected for truly helping humanity and the present, natural world undistracted by any concern for any other world):



John Muir

Narendra Dabholkar

Suman Oak

John Burroughs

Teddy Roosevelt

Carl Sagan

Aung San Suu Kyi

Nelson Mandela

Frederick Douglass

Henry David Thoreau

Robert Green Ingersoll

Mahatma Gandhi

Martin Luther King Jr.

Margaret Fuller

Ralph Waldo Emerson

John Brown

Elizabeth Cady Stanton

Eleanor Roosevelt

The Chinese Man who stood in front of the Tiananmen Tank

All Doctors Without Borders

All the Unknown People who Work for Justice with Compassion Every Day

Millions More!

(The List Goes On. . . Who Would YOU Add?)


2 thoughts on “All Saints Day

    • Thanks for visiting and commenting, Pastor.

      “I have watched so many churches commit themselves to a completely otherworldly religion which made a strange distinction between body and soul, the sacred and the secular.” (MLK, Letter from Birmingham City Jail, 1963)

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