Leaping (Off the Bridge of Reason) to Conclusions

leaping to conclusions


This has been bothering me.

What do the Ferguson mess, the Iraq mess, the Israel/Gaza mess, the shooting down of the plane over Ukraine, the Robin Williams’ suicide and religious faith have in common?

People jumping to conclusions.

People leaping without thinking.


The town of Ferguson apparently has a big, deep problem with race relations.  Seems so.

A young man of color seems to have strong-armed another man of color in a robbery.  Seems so.

The young man gets in a scuffle with an officer and is shot, killed, and we still haven’t got the full story.  Seems so.

Bad all around.  No question, this needs to be investigated, we need some truth, something must be done.

People protest.  Which they probably should.  But what are the facts?  Right.  We aren’t sure yet.  But people are mad, some get violent, some loot the businesses of innocent citizens.  And where are we?  A lock down of the town.  Great.  A mess.

People don’t think. . .they react. . .they leap to conclusions (some “News” fans the flames of quick conclusions).

It’s “Racist!”  Could be true, and if so, should be addressed.

It’s “Police Brutality!”  Could be true, and anyone who does violence with a badge on deserves to be punished.

It’s “Not enough non-White Police!”  Seems the case.

Now, quickly. . .

-An Army of Allah (I.S.) marches across Iraq killing people.  Check.

Some think this is what Islam is all about.  Wrong conclusion.

-Israel goes after tunnels from Gaza and Hamas keeps firing missiles from populated areas.  Check.

People leap to conclusions on ALL sides:  It’s THEIR fault!  No, it’s THEIR fault!

-The plane is shot down and it’s this group and that group and “certainly” the Russians.  Check.

But, we aren’t really sure yet.

-Robin Williams kills himself and it’s all over the papers that he was an addict.  Sells papers.

Comes out that he was sober and his depression and Parkinson’s added to his decision.

We aren’t really sure, and may never know the private story.

-Things happen in the world and some decide that “God is at work” or “God saved” someone from dying.

Except, we don’t know.  How do YOU know?  Where did that “Conclusion” come from?

What’s the difference in these stories?  Not much.  Check.

We seem to LOVE to Jump to Conclusions.

This, friends, is exactly why we need to practice serious Reason with a huge dose of Wisdom.


We are Just Jumpers. 




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