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The Tragic Drama and Divine Comedy of Religion

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“God” (Allah) as a Trademark

NEW Update on Malaysian Court Decision

Original post:

Bibles Confiscated in Malaysia (BBC)

“Islamic authorities in Malaysia have seized more than 300 Bibles from the Bible Society because they use the word Allah to refer to God, officials say. Bible Society officials told Reuters that two of their members were briefly detained following the seizure. A court ruled in October that non-Muslims could not use the word Allah to refer to God. The appeals court said the term Allah must be exclusive to Islam or it could cause public disorder.”

This is classic in the history of religions.  One tribe, one exclusive group, one tight circle of faith, the “chosen,” claim exclusive rights to Allah’s ear, Allah’s word, and Allah’s name.  Sorry, but in Malaysia I’m already causing public disorder with this. . .so I’d better stop. . .but I can’t help myself. . .Allah, Allah, Allah, Allah. . .

How, when and why does Religion get to OWN certain words and censor Free Speech?

Note:  Let’s not forget to ask, why do Christians have to Bible Bomb so many countries anyway?. . .

Here’s a hint:  Missionaries in South Sudan (NBC).  They care about poor African orphans, right?  As I always do, I take a quick visit to their website:  “Changing the World for Jesus One Child at a Time!”  All those White faces showing the Poor Little Black children how to raise their hands in praise of Allah, I mean God, I mean JESUS.

They have orphanages in 10 African countries.  Sounds so nice, doesn’t it?  Here’s one description of how they “care for” some homeless boys in Mozambique:

“They let us pray for them and enthusiastically accepted Jesus Christ into their hearts.  A pastor we know took them in showing them kindness and giving them shelter.  Daily they learn about Jesus, eat well and are now attending school.  The majority of these little children are smiling and just beginning to understand love for the first time in their lives.”

Yep, they never knew what love was until the missionaries came.

Why do people Bible Bomb other countries and other people, and why do those countries sometimes push back and the missionaries cry, “Persecution!”?  For reference:  the History of Missions.


Marrying God in Nigeria (BBC)

“About 100 women rallied outside Enugu State government offices on 10 December, demanding an end to “the killing of women through fetish activities of chief priests and deities”. Wearing black dresses and holding palm leaves, the protesters also demanded a ban on “forced marriages” to traditional gods as this violates several articles of the Nigerian constitution.”


Mr. Spock Goes to Church

“It’s not out of duty that I read about Jesus; it’s a respite.

I long for it, because I’m awash in two strange and baffling cultures, both the irreligious and religious.

And I long for someone I can finally understand, and someone who might finally understand me.”

Well, I suppose if Jesus (and a dismissal of logic) helps you feel “understood”. . .

And we sure can’t wait to Beam Up to Heaven!


Rabbis Sing Simon and Garfunkel

Oy, Israel’s got talent!


Billboard Wars (Creationists VS Evolutionists or something)

What the heck, it’s another excuse for a “war” (Religion 101 + Media “outrage” 101)


Killing in the Name of God and Religion

“Really, killing people in the name of religion is unthinkable, very sad.”

The Dalai Lama (honorary Freethinker)


Have a Little Faith (YouTube series)

A nice mix of comedy and education with Zach Anner


School Prayer

50 years and people still don’t get it. . .

“School prayer was banned by the Supreme Court” (wrong)

“God is more present than ever” (really?  Note Whose God is More Present)

The REAL Good News:

“Over the past 10 to 15 years, Muslim and Jewish student clubs as well as clubs espousing agnostic, humanist perspectives have appeared on public school campuses.”

“Schools are increasingly including Christianity, Buddhism, Sikhism, Islam, and, in some cases, the Bible in their curricula because of concern over Americans’ religious illiteracy. (A 2007 study found that only 10 percent of American teens could name the five major religions.)

Here’s the thing Kids.  As a former Evangelical it is pretty clear:  the majority of those who push for more prayer and bible and god in school are Evangelical Christians.  Keep this clear in your mind:  Their goal is to make Everyone Christian, above everything (including getting an education).  This is all about arming the Prayer Warriors to march around and “save” other students, teachers, the world.  The operative word for this is “Coercion” (pressure to persuade through proselytizing).  Coercion, the exact thing the Supreme Court in a free and secular nation instructed against half a century ago.  Freedom of Religion?  Yes.  Freedom to continually try to make me or my kids believe like you?  No.


Ganesh Festival Drownings

As millions dump statues into rivers, lakes, ponds. . .


Monk on a Pillar

“It is up here in the silence that you can feel God’s presence.”

Maybe if we ALL did this. . .but then, WHO would bring the Take-Out?


Abandoned Churches

Empty “holy ground”. . .back to Nature?  Affordable housing, shelter, clinics, something useful?


Prayer Can Heal Mental Illness!

Could the reverse be true?


Pontifical Paparazzi

“Where the Romans used to race chariots.”


Kumbh Mela

“The world’s biggest human gathering.”


Women of the Wall

“Thousands threw water bottles, chairs, garbage and rocks at them.”


Buddhist Mobs

“Buddhist rioters attacked minority Muslims.”


Syrian Sectarian Slide

“The Syrian civil war is setting off a contagious sectarian conflict beyond the country’s borders. . .”

“Fighters are inspired by religious passions rooted in the seventh-century battle in what is now Iraq over who would succeed the Prophet Muhammad.”

“Syrians on both sides fear and disavow the slide into sectarianism.”


Condors and Bulls

“Pitting heaven and earth in the Andes.”  Yes, indeed.  I have great respect for Native cultures.  AND, it is wise to have a critical eye when it comes to the “interactions” of Religion, Culture and the Environment.

“There is more than economics riding on the fiesta. If the birds are hurt or killed it is a bad omen. A good festival augurs a good year.

The mayor’s political ambitions are also in play.”


Dubai, the End of Ramadan, and Happy, Wealthy Tourists

“Dubai’s success in attracting those numbers of visitors at this time of the year known to be the slowest tourist season – due to high summer temperatures in the Gulf region in general – is a strong indicator of the effectiveness of the approach the emirate is adopting in maximizing tourism yield and its impact on supporting the economy.”

“UAE policy of interfaith is a message of love and peace to all countries of the world which renders the spirit of brotherhood and love. “World Happiness Report” issued by the United Nations showed that the UAE tops the list of happiest Arab countries. This is truly felt by visitors during their stay in Dubai.”

Allah loves a happy tourist with cash or credit.


Come to North Carolina, The Christian State!

“It turns out North Carolina won’t be establishing its own religion after all. A resolution proposed this week by GOP state lawmakers that said the state has the right to declare an official religion will never come to a vote.

The legislation, House Joint Resolution 494, filed Monday by two GOP legislators and co-signed by 12 others, says the Supreme Court cannot block a state “from making laws respecting an establishment of religion.” ”


When Religion Gets Sexy (holy fashion)


Pakistan Church Bombing

“All non-Muslims in Pakistan are our target, and they will remain our target as long as America fails to stop drone strikes in our country,”

Lovely.  Inshallah to you too.

Isn’t God just so. . .”Great”?

As the God-Experts “drone” on. . .


Muslims Blowing Up Themselves Blowing Up Other Muslims. . .

“Bombings in Baghdad that targeted Shiites on a major religious holiday killed at least 41 and wounded more than 100 others.  Also, a U.S. counterterrorism official warned that al-Qaida in Iraq is stronger than it has been since 2006 and other affiliates are spreading.”

Good job George Bush, and unfortunately, Barack Obama.  You’ve sure made the (religious) world so much safer.

Isn’t The Explosion of Faith a wonderful gift of the modern world?


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